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GET RESULTSâ„   Employee Engagement Program

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Creating a culture of appreciation within your organization will make a significant impact upon

  • increasing productivity,

  • improving morale, and

  • keeping high-performing employees. 

Ultimately, a change in your organization’s culture to one that makes employees feel valued and appreciated will contribute to your bottom line and increase the success of your organization!

The GET RESULTSâ„  Employee Engagement Program will utilize proven techniques and strategies to create a culture of appreciation within your organization.

This will lead to increased financial savings from having employees who experience high job satisfaction and who stay for the long term.

Changing an organization’s culture takes commitment. Your commitment paired with our expertise and training tools will move you ahead of other organizations that are competing for the same employees in a highly competitive talent marketplace.

We provide client-focused solutions that contribute directly to your company’s financial health by establishing specific goals with outcomes and timing.  

In addition, the GET RESULTSâ„  Employee Engagement Program is tailored to your organization’s specific needs to assure the best possible outcomes.

The 6-step process of creating a culture of appreciation will include the following:

1)  Discovery & Analysis      

Needs assessment and analysis to identify your organization’s current culture surrounding appreciation.

2)  Feedback Report & Goal Setting        

Detailed report outlining results from Discovery & Analysis with recommendations. Collaboration with leadership to set measurable goals for increasing employee engagement and appreciation.

3)  Customized Employee Appreciation Program

Comprehensive step-by-step program with a plan and timeline for implementation tailored specifically for your organization.

4)  5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Training

Interactive workshop (in-person or virtual) for your team.

5)  Monthly Follow-up Strategy Session   

Monthly meetings to monitor progress and provide continued support for implementation of Employee Appreciation Program.

6)  Evaluation & Future Recommendations

Measurement of outcomes and their financial impact on your organization. Guidance on sustaining a culture of appreciation and an engaged workforce.