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The Secret to Productivity, Retention & Growth is a
Culture of Appreciation

Employee Motivation By Appreciation

Money is not the #1 motivator of employees.

Employees feel the greatest job satisfaction when they feel engaged in their work and feel appreciated by those with whom they work. Millennials, especially, are less salary driven than previous generations.

“One size fits all” employee recognition programs aren’t effective. 

What makes one employee feel appreciated is not what makes another employee feel appreciated.

Employee turnover is one of the largest costs an organization can control.

Employee turnover can “cost upwards of twice an employee’s salary to find and train a replacement,” according to the Wall Street Journal. On the other hand, when employees feel appreciated, they will respond with loyalty and strengthened commitment to the success of the organization.
Customer Retention By Appreciation

Customers who don’t feel appreciated leave.

Don’t lose them to your competition. Create happy, loyal customers by taking a personalized approach to making them feel cared for and appreciated.

Existing customers are worth more than new ones.

It’s vital to appreciate the customers you already have. Customer retention is more important than customer acquisition. According to Gartner Group, 80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers.

Loyalty pays in many ways.

Be known as the company that truly appreciates its customers, and word will spread quickly. That kind of brand reputation is priceless, and it will generate referrals and word of mouth advertising that is not only free, but also highly credible.
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